Intelsat satellite starts a new mission in orbit after a successful servicing mission

The servicing of the first commercial satellite was a success after the return of the Intelsat 901 (IS-901) satellite for communication that provides internet connectivity. 

The launching of the satellite occurred in 2001, had run out of the fuel used to maintain its orbit correctly.  It is cheap to service the satellite than to launch the replacement satellite. The owner of the satellite Intelsat had hired Northrop Grumman to be in charge of this mission of its kind. The mission extension vehicle 1(MEV-1) was the satellite used in this mission and connected with IS-9001 in February and was responsible for keeping the spacecraft for the internet in the right direction and location.

According to the statement from the Chief Service Officer of Intelsat, they are expecting the demand for connectivity to increase throughout the world because their client is using improved technology such as the one used in MEV-1, which was useful to them to meet their objectives. The above statement announcement was on 17th April through Northrop Grumman by Mike Demarco.

Through the statement, it was a confirmation that MEV-1 successfully achieved the mission onto IS-901 and returned it into the correct orbit, and its service delivery began instantly on Intelsat customers. Up to this time, MEV-1 has stayed with IS-901 for five years; they might increase the period when the contract is over. The primary purpose for MEV-1 is to steer the serviced satellite to the safe orbit detach and ensure it is disconnected with a separate satellite so that it can provide the service. The MEV-1 partnering should be for 15 years, according to the information issued previously by Northrop Grumman.

Northrop Grumman has plans to launch another mission extension vehicle before the end of the year, which will help the Intelsat satellite.

Tom Wilson, who is the Vice president in charge of Northrop Grumman, said that it was a historic event which was the first of its kind to experience rendezvous and docking in orbit for two different commercial satellites. At the same time, it repositioned the two spacecraft at the orbit. The event was a demonstration of a great business that MEV offers to its clients. Currently, the MEV-1 has successfully achieved its mission of placing Intelsat 901 to its standard operation service and has the intention to continue to pioneer the future servicing in orbit through various technologies, which are additional services like repair assemble and inspection.