A new team has been launched in the global space station by Soyuz

On the 9TH of April, a Soyuz spacecraft fruitfully tossed a fresh team to the global Space Station on an operation that overwhelmed difficulties from the worldwide virus and an adjustment in team members

The Soyuz spacecraft type 2.1A boosted off to the sky in Kazakhstan from a place dubbed as Baikonur; this, in turn, positioned another Soyuz rocket type MS-16 into orbit approximately eight minutes later. The rocket and creating a four-orbit tactic to the ISS are programmed to anchor with the ISS.

Two Russians cosmonauts are set to be onboard on the Soyuz rocket, who is Ivan Vagner and Anatoly Ivanishin, and they will also be joined by one of the astronauts from the U.S Chris Cassidy. They are set to be held back in the location for less than seven months as part of the Expedition team

However, this operation conducted by the Soyuz was caught up with some unfamiliar defies. Roscosmos declared that they would do change up, whereby they would swap the two Russians who were initially given the operation with the other new Russians. Officials from both the American and Russian government quoted that due to medical complications the swap had to take place even though it was stated in Russia that one of them sustained an injury while under training

The manager in charge of the ISS program in NASA concluded that Cassidy who happens to be one of the crew members who was put on the bench was on under training with freshmen Vagner and Ivanishin before the replacement was done, furthermore, the Russian spaceman went through a spacewalk exercise just in case a spacewalk was needed during the operation.

Another concern is the eternal COVID-19 saga that has brought about travel limitations and lockdown orders all over the globe. Whereas the Soyuz team went into isolation during the weeks that passed before launch, there were other limitations, which included reduction of the workforce and ban of visitors.

Also, two spacemen from NASA are programmed to get to the station during spring on the SpaceX team on an experimental flight called the Dragon Demo-2, and two guys could stay back to give the other team time for upkeep and research work.

It has been proposed by NASA that there be an exchange of seats by both Soyuz and the trade group with the spacemen from Russia, this mix up in the crew in operation would guarantee that one Russian and one American would be on the station.

In a meeting as well that was attended by the officials from Roscosmos and NASA people, Roscosmos declared that they would not allocate any Russian spacemen  to a commercial group operation till the vehicles have been flight confirmed