Expert Astronauts Ready for SpaceX

Bob Behnken and Doug Hurley are looking forward to an exhilarating journey to space. The confirmation from the two is enough to indicate that the US is back in active space launching. 

The veteran duo is ready for the SpaceX program. In a virtual meeting from their current residence, on the 27th of May, at Kennedy Space Center, they say they are up to the task. They want to take more tours to ISS and commemorate their previous space exploits. 

Demo-2 will be their final test flight before they finally take off in the Dragon Crew Capsule. This trial assesses their training on the new touchscreen controls and the rigidity of the new capsule. The planned SpaceX Dragon Crew launch is the first ride from America for over nine years. After docking at ISS, the crew is to remain in orbit for over two months. 

Additionally, the astronauts have to take a standard quarantine test for health purposes. This regulation is to ensure there is no spread of the current coronavirus malady up to space. Therefore, Bob and Doug’s families are in quarantine to ensure their safety. The astronauts say that the quarantine has allowed them to bond with their families contrary to no quarantine. 

SpaceX and NASA are not taking chances with this coronavirus pandemic. They want to ensure their facilities are corona – free. Therefore, the veterans say they have undergone multiple tests to prove they are free of the virus. This ideology is also applicable to their engineers and staff. SpaceX says the tests are still on even before the launch of Demo-2. 

The two will have to bid goodbye to their families as they ride away in NASA’s car to launchpad 39A. The final moment with their families is when they will be boarding the NASA car. Behnken and Hurley are the first veterans to train with the NASA program before takeoff for the last four years and some months in counting. 

Behnken praises Hurley for his readiness to fly to space anytime. He says that he is the best partner he could ever have for such missions. Their friendship also notably goes back to the days when they were in the US military. Hurley, on the other hand, praises Behnken for offering quick solutions whenever in all circumstances. 

The virtual conference of the duo comes after the confirmation that the Crew Dragon mission is still on. They say that the task has been under surveillance to determine its viability. The NASA administrator tweet reiterates that the SpaceX Crew Dragon is ready for airlift after a final review by the Flight Readiness Review (FRR). 

Finally, Hurley says that he is happy that they can now implement their training on the Crew Dragon’s launch. He adds that it is a beautiful period to be with his long time friend Behnken.