Intelsat and SES purchase internet satellites from US satellite producers

Intelsat and SES are preparing to maximize internet connectivity by launching broadband communication satellites to space. The firms are collaborating with Boeing, Maxar, and Northrop Grumman to launch satellites in space to enhance the shift to 5G internet. This move is essential since the ten satellites will facilitate the expansion of C-band technology.

These satellites are to be in a geostationary orbit with the distance of the signal response to earth exceeding 20000 miles from the customers. Intelsat and SES are following federal procedures in awarding the satellite manufacturing contracts to ensure the smooth roll-out of the 5G technology.

The FCC intends to override the C-band satellites used for video services to transition to the 5G network. Intelsat and SES, who are the owners of these satellites, will then receive a total payment of $8.84 billion as well as relocation funds. This move is to quicken the shift to 5G internet. 

The US government is giving incentives to these firms so that they can buy satellites and update them to the 4.2 GHz spectrum of the C-band. Furthermore, the government is shifting the satellites with 4.0 megahertz to 5G services.

Reports have it that Maxar and Northrop Grumman firms are in agreement with Intelsat to manufacture six C-band satellites. The design of Maxar’s satellites is that of 1300 spacecraft series, whereas, for Northrop, their plan will be GEOStar.

Intelsat’s Mike DeMarco says that finalizing the 300 megahertz of the C-band satellites for the 5G devices is very technical. He adds that numerous satellites are also under production to ensure America tops in the transition to the 5G network. 

However, Intelsat is in a financial crisis due to C-band relocations. For this reason, they are filing for bankruptcy protection, hoping to recover from the additional coronavirus impact. Intelsat retorts that they must utilize more funds before the allocated $4.87 billion arrives to obtain more C-band satellites for the shift to 5G network.

Stephen Spengler, who is Intelsat’s CEO, comments that their leadership in satellite and communication technology is one of their propellers in the race to reach the 5G network. Spengler is hopeful that the company’s knowledge in satellite technology will help in the transition and subsequent connection of homes and commercial businesses to the 5G network. 

SES, through its CEO Steve Collar reports that they are working to build more C-band satellites and retune their technology to enhance 5G signal transfer. He says that they have a plan to launch some of their spacecraft on an electric propulsion system to maneuver space obstacles. The firm hopes to retrieve more facilities for the routing of the 5G technology to all American homesteads.

Finally, the decision by Intelsat and SES to purchase C-band satellites from satellite manufacturers is going to propel America to achieve a 5G transition. There is a clear direction for other firms to venture into this technology.