Fiducial Markers Market Poised to Expand at a Robust Pace Over 2018 to 2028

An exclusive market study published by Fact.MR on the Fiducial Markers market offers insights related to how the market is projected to grow over the forecast period (2019-2029). The objective of the report is to enable our readers to understand the various aspects of the Fiducial Markers market and assist them to formulate impactful business strategies. Furthermore, the different factors that are expected to influence the current and future dynamics of the Fiducial Markers market are discussed in the presented study.

According to the report, the Fiducial Markers market is set to reach a market value of ~US$ XX by the end of 2029 and register a CAGR growth of ~XX% during the assessment period. The report offers an in-depth understanding of the Fiducial Markers supply chain, value, and volume chain across the various regional markets.

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Important Insights Enclosed in the Report:

  • Technological developments within the Fiducial Markers market sphere
  • Growth prospects for new market players across different regions
  • Company profiles of leading players in the Fiducial Markers market
  • Up-to-date insights related to the key success factors impacting the growth of the Fiducial Markers market
  • Recent mergers, acquisitions, partnerships, and strategic alliances

The published report provides a deep understanding of the Fiducial Markers market by segregating the market into different segments such as region, application, and end-use industry.

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Fiducial Markers Market Segmentation

By Region

The regional analysis of the Fiducial Markers market dives deep to understand the market scenario in different regions. The market size, share, and value of each regional market is analyzed and presented in the report along with informative tables and figures.

By Application

The report offers a clear picture of how the Fiducial Markers is utilized in various applications. The different applications covered in the report include:

By End-Use Industry

The end-use industry assessment throws light on the consumption of the Fiducial Markers across various end-use industries including:

Competitive Landscape – Notable Strategies and Developments

  • Eckert & Ziegler BEBIG entered into an agreement with RaySearch Laboratories in the year 2018. With this agreement, Eckert & Ziegler BEBIG aims to leverage new opportunities in the field of brachytherapy- the treatment of prostate cancer through insertion of implants.
  • Boston Scientific agreed on a $4.24 billion deal to acquire BTG plc, a company offering products for minimally-invasive procedures for treating cancer and vascular diseases, in the year 2018. This acquisition was aimed at bolstering the organization’s capabilities in interventional medicine.
  • IBA Dosimetry announced ProMed Technologies as the company’s new and exclusive distributor partner for Canada region in the year 2017. This strategic move was aimed at ensuring the organization’s quality sales across prominent regions.
  • IZI Medical Products, Inc. announced the completion of its acquisition of the vertebral augmentation systems of Benvenue Medical, Inc. This acquisition was aimed at reinvigorating the company’s potential apropos of offerings for treatment of spinal fractures.

The report on fiducial markers also features various other companies operating in the global market space. The other players profiled in the report include Innovative Oncology Solutions, Best Medical International, Inc., Carbon Medical Technologies, CIVCO, alphaXRT, Nanovi Radiotherapy A/S, and Stellar Medical.

global fiducial markers market drivers and restraints impact analysis

Fact.MR’s study offers actionable insights on the fiducial markers market. A summary of the report is available upon request.

Tier 3 Players Account for a Hefty Revenue Share; Product Innovation a Key Focus Area

The tier 1 players in the fiducial markers market hold around 60-70% revenue share. The growth of tier 1 players can be accredited to their robust product portfolios and differentiated strategies in tune with changing nature of the market and evolving end-user specifications.

With persistent focus on effective devices, offering accuracy and precision in the healthcare space, the tier 1 companies in the fiducial markers market are focused on novel product developments taking usability to the next level. Continual emphasis on product developments and innovations enables these players to retain their brand equity and solidify their sustenance in the global market space.

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Fiducial Markers Surge in Popularity as a Standard Tool for Image-Guided Radiotherapy (IGRT)

Fiducial markers are gaining immense traction as a standard tool for image-guided radiotherapy (IGRT), owing to enhanced precision in terms of results. Acting as reliable surrogates for effectively imaging the anatomic structures, fiducial markers are evolving as an imperative for modern radiotherapy that rapidly resorting to conformal delivery techniques.

With conventional procedures overshadowing imaging accuracy, fiducial markers evolved as a new breakthrough that enabled doctors to have a target area within the field of view and ensure accurate results. In case of prostate cancer cases with floating nature of tumors, fiducial markers are being increasingly adopted for effective diagnosis with optimal accuracy and precision.

Rising Inclination toward Minimally Invasive Procedures to Hamper Adoption

The preference for minimally invasive procedures is on a continual rise by virtue of lessened pain and minimum risk of infection associated. As per a revelation by the National Health Service (NHS), cancer patients requiring radiotherapy or brachytherapy are highly oriented toward minimally invasive procedures to experience a pain-free diagnosis.

pestle analysis for fiducial market market across key regions countries

Interventions making use of fiducial markers are invasive in nature and entails a surgery for appropriate positioning of the marker, which is a key factor that might hinder the adoption rate. The increasing embracement of minimally invasive procedures is taking its toll on the adoption rate of fiducial markers, which involves an implantation procedure for target localizing.

Rise in Demand for MRI Non-Magnetic Fiducial Markers – A Prominent Trend

Magnetic resonance imaging technique remains a popular technique used in case of radiology. This specialized technique necessitates use of tools and markers that are highly compatible. Many devices and markers, including fiducial markers, which are commercially sold, undergo MRI evaluations with respect to various safety issues and artifacts.

Presence of immoderate ferromagnetism that confine or obscure the target area is one of the primary reasons making commercially available devices unsuitable for MR-guided biopsy sessions. To overcome this, manufacturers are focusing on using materials with low magnetic susceptibility during manufacturing, in order to enhance compatibility of their products with MR-guided procedures. MRI compatible fiducial markers are usually longer than the standard variant, which minimizes the use of multiple needle sticks involved. Moreover, innovative designs used in case of MRI non-magnetic fiducial markers curb bending issues whilst injection processes, unlike the other linear tissue markers.

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Fiducial Markers- Definition

Fiducial markers refer to objects that are placed in the vicinity of an imaging system framework, which further appears in the image produced. Fiducial markers are placed near or on the tumor to guide the placement of the radiation beams during the radiation treatment.

Fiducial Markers Market- About the Report

Fact.MR has compiled a comprehensive study on the fiducial markers market and published a report with exclusive insights of the fiducial markers market behavior for the forecast period of 2018 to 2028. The report on fiducial markers market offers actionable insights and intelligence on futuristic performance of fiducial markers market with relative opportunities in the fiducial markers market. The analysis on fiducial markers market is backed by an end-to-end assessment of critical drivers, restraints, trends, and opportunities that have a crucial impact on the overall growth of fiducial markers market for the forecast time period.   

Fiducial Markers Market Structure

The fiducial markers market has been segmented on the basis of product type, modality, disease sites, end users, and region. By product type, polymer-based fiducial markers, metal-based fiducial markers, pure gold fiducial markers, and liquid fiducial markers. By modality, the fiducial markers market has been segmented into photon therapy, proton therapy, tomotherapy, and cyberknife. By disease sites, the fiducial markers market has been segmented into head and neck, breast, lungs, abdomen, prostrate, kidney, cervix or other gynecologic organs.

global fiducial markers market taxonomy

By end users, the fiducial markers market has been segmented into hospitals, cancer research institutes, and radiotherapy centers. The fiducial markers market has been analyzed across key regions of North America, Latin America, Europe, APEJ, CIS and Russia, Japan, and Middle East and Africa.

Fiducial Markers Market- Additional Questions Answered

The report on fiducial markers market enunciates answers on all the crucial aspects of the market with respect to its growth. Apart from the aforementioned insights, the report on fiducial markers market also answers other crucial questions such as-

  • Which will be the most popular product type in the fiducial markers market?
  • Which will be the disease site entailing maximum use of fiducial markers?
  • Which end user will be the largest one in the fiducial markers market?
  • Which will be the highly lucrative region in the fiducial markers market with maximum number of investment-making opportunities?
  • Which are the prevalent trends and opportunities in the fiducial markers market?

Fiducial Markers Market- Research Methodology

The fiducial markers market report involves a robust research methodology that has been leveraged for garnering insights for the fiducial markers market forecast. The systematic approach forms the foundation of actionable intelligence included in the fiducial markers market study. The primary research phase comprises of interviews and interactions with industry experts and domain-specific analysts, while the secondary research incorporates meticulous study of industry databases, company press releases and published particulars.

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Important queries addressed in the Fiducial Markers market report:

  1. How will the evolving trends impact the growth of the Fiducial Markers market over the forecast period?
  2. Which companies are currently dominating the Fiducial Markers market in terms of market share?
  3. How can market players capitalize on the lucrative opportunities in Region 1?
  4. What is the projected growth rate of the Fiducial Markers market in various regions during the forecast period?
  5. Is the current market scenario favorable for the growth of new market players?

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