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‘Mad Mike’ trying to illustrate something else apart from ‘flat earth’ conjecture on his home-produced rocket launch

This article revisits the exact story that led to the untimely demise of ‘Mad. We want to know the precise reason as to why he lifted-off himself into the space on board of his home-manufactures steam rocket having the idea of its dangerous impact.

The previous weekend on 22 February, Mike Hughes, a daredevil and proletarian rocketeer, who was 64 years old, died tragically during a lift-off trying to film Science Channel show by the name ‘Homemade Astronauts.’ Hughes was trying to launch to a height of 5,000 feet into space on a private possession next to Barstow in California. He developed the rocket with the aid of his colleague, Waldo Stakes, as a segment of the show. The Science Channel will announce soon whether the production will go ahead or come to a stop.

Witnesses who were present at the scene of the lift-off said that Mike Hughes launched in his rocket, although soon after, the rocket descended back crushing into pieces. Stakes, his colleague in designing the rocket, was among those at the scene. He said that Hughes died during the crushing time at about 1:52 p.m. E.S.T. (1752 GMT). Justine Chapman, who is an ad hoc reporter, was also at the scene with his wife. He said that the rocket ‘seemed to scratch against the lift-off apparatus which they suppose torn the parachutes into pieces.

Dangers that accompany lift-offs 

In the last two years (2018), Mike Hughes lifted-off to ka height of 1,875 feet successfully in a prior design of the home-produced rocket. However, that lift-off caused him to suffer from a compressed vertebra. He landed hard in the Mojave Desert.

Hughes was aware of the dangers of the launch, especially having a hard time and a painful landing under his belt. The activity was dangerous, but who was Hughes? He dared and tried it out. However, all did not end well. 

In an interview held last year, Stakes, Hughes’s friend, said that it is a 50-50 deal. When one gets into the rocket, there is a 50% probability of failing to come out.

Emerging conspiracies 

After Hughes’ untimely demise, there is a circulating conspiracy on social media stating that Hughes was lifting-off to ascertain that the Earth is flat since he is a known believer in conspiracy theories. 

In a 2017 document, Hughes wrote, saying that he would not hear any word from anybody, especially NASA’s C.E.O, Elon Musk, as he will develop his rocket and explore with his naked eyes the real shape of Earth.