Infrastructure Monitoring Market Size, Share, Trends, Top Players, Demands, Overview, Component, Industry Revenue and Forecast | COVID-19 Pandemic

Market Highlights

The essential factor that is making the market of infrastructure monitoring more robust is the shift, which is attributed to the increasing need for monitoring to determine the leading cause of errors. The system of analyzation and monitoring the system administration practices is checked for loopholes, and minimizing errors is also one of the prime factors driving the market ahead.

The infrastructure monitoring market is recently facing considerable appraise. It is witnessing a radical change in the market demography as the demand is getting more intense for enhanced security and monitoring purposes. The global Infrastructure monitoring market is expectant to have a robust growth during the forecast period (2017-2023), reveals Market Research Future. The published study has an all-inclusive approach towards the industry while putting a special focus on the segments and factors that can impact the market growth in the coming years.

Apart from this, the need for enhanced security and monitoring in organizations across the globe is also another factor contributing to the market’s growth during the forecast period. The technological grievances in infrastructure monitoring for data monitoring are also motivating the market to evolve and gain more valuation than the past.

On the flip side, factors such as security concerns among the users, especially for solutions that are required for public connectivity and security, are somehow likely to hinder the growth of the global IT infrastructure monitoring market during its growth period. However, in case of a cloud network monitoring solution, trust is required to be placed on the cloud provider. Therefore, cloud-based solutions have a broader attack surface, as compared to in-house network monitoring solutions, which can be disconnected from the public network. Such a situation can introduce more opportunities in the future in the global market for infrastructure monitoring market.

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Key Players

The well-known players in the market of Infrastructure Monitoring are listed as Tildeslash Ltd (U.K.), Nagios Enterprises (U.S.A.), Zabbix LLC. (U.S.A.), Accel Frontline Limited (U.S.A.), ITRS GROUP LTD. (U.K.), Oracle Corporation (U.S.A.), Cisco Systems (U.S.A.), Datadog, Inc.(U.S.A.), Netmagic Solutions (India), Observium Limited (U.K.), CapaSystems A/S (Denmark), Plumbr (Europe), Zenoss Inc. (U.S.A.), and to name a few.

More players such as (France), CopperEgg (U.S.A.), Amazon Web Services, Inc. (U.S.A.), BMC Software, CA Technologies (U.S.A.), NodeQuery (Europe), Server Density Limited (U.K.), Pandora FMS (Spain) and 247 Computing Services Pvt. Ltd (India) are also prominent players who keep innovating and investing in research and development in the market to present a cost-effective product portfolio.

Regional Outlook

The topographical analysis of the infrastructure monitoring market marks the study for regions such as North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, and rest of the world.

Among these regions, the market in the North America region leads at a higher pace. The leading position in North America is due to higher concentration of service vendors that provide monitoring tools and solutions for small as well as large businesses and industries. Therefore, North America is likely to lead the market during the forecast period.

It is the technology enhancement, and redundancy minimization in infrastructure monitoring market, the APAC and Europe regions are likely to portray a gradual growth in the market during its progression period. The growing IT infrastructure and business expansions across the world have resulted in the high adoption of remote infrastructure monitoring that makes use of cloud-based technology. The emerging countries such as India and China are moving towards digitization rapidly and, thus, are anticipated to express a high growth rate. With this, intense competition is also being observed among crucial companies based on low redundancy rates as well as provision of customized services. These factors are boosting the market for infrastructure monitoring in the Asia Pacific region and will continue in the coming years as well.


The segmental analysis of the global infrastructure monitoring market size has been conducted by the elements of deployment, type, operating systems, data collection, and services.

In terms of deployment: Premises Infrastructure and Cloud-based Infrastructure are the segments.

In terms of type: System Monitoring, Network Monitoring, Uptime Monitoring, Process Monitoring are the segments.

In terms of operating systems: UNIX, LINUX, MS Windows, and MacOS are the segments.

In terms of data collection: Passive Systems and Active Systems are the segments.

In terms of services: Professional Services and Managed Services are the segments.