NASA’s launch to Have Unexpected Guests

During a recent press briefing, the President and Vice President announced that they are to attend the launch of NASA’s Demo-2 commercial mission. The launch signifies the latest achievement in space exploration because it is  America’s recent crewed orbital spaceflight in a decade. This launch, however, will see attendance by fewer people compared to expectations.

The announcement comes from the White House on May 22. According to the briefing, President Donald Trump plans to attend the launch event for the Demo-2 at the Kennedy Space Center come May 27. However, not much information was relayed concerning the visit.

It is rare for American presidents to be present at NASA mission launches.   The launch last mission launch attended by a president was the launch of Apollo 12 that attempted to send the second batch of crewed missions to the Moon. President Nixon graced the Apollo 12 launch at the KSC in November 1969. In October 1998, President Bill Clinton appeared in the STS-95 mission launch. The mission involved former astronaut now turned Senator, John Glenn, a fellow crew member. During his time in power,   Obama toured KSC in April 2011 to witness the launch of the STS-134 Shuttle Flight. However, the tour flopped due to technical glitches during the test and the issues fixed. A report later announced plans for a relaunch scheduled one week later.

There is speculation that there might be a repeat of the scenario when Trump and Pence visit.   Besides the risk of technical problems, weather forecasts indicate that there is dangerous weather that might disrupt the launch. If the speculations are right, Trump and Pence may be a close fate. As well as the risk of technological difficulties scrubbing the launch, it is not promising, with only a 40 percent chance of acceptable conditions, published on one of the 45th Space Wing on May 23, 2010. These estimates ignore other problems like environmental factors at execution centers mostly along with lance, has the potential to up a launch

The launch organizers expect that the number of additional confirmed launch attendees is likely to reduce compared to previous launches owing to the coronavirus pandemic. However, both Trump and Pence are confirmed guests. A slide obtained from the meetings and published by NASA; the KSC plans to use the in-flight readiness assessment of the Demo-2 mission, on May 21, to accommodate 465 individuals, 250 of whom received allocations to a causeway region named “only practicable backup/overflow.”

NASA has also limited the number of authorized launch press credentials and modified media coverage. During a Press Room release on May 22, KSC decided to discuss the airworthiness review of new products which NASA recently completed,