The Best EVs to look into

Electric vehicles might be the latest in the entries of technological advancements. Among these are the most recent releases which prove that the future is going electric. This release is a list pertaining all the best electronic vehicle releases that show value for your money 

Tesla Model 3

By now, its no surprise that the list has to start with a Tesla, most notably the Model 3. The model 3 is Tesla’s answer for an affordable electric vehicle with good range. It is an award-winning entry for Tesla with award-winning features including excellent handling, well-made software inclusions, more room in the driving cabin, the best infotainment system in all-electric vehicles, and the best safety ranks of all time. The Tesla is well capable of handling 300miles on a single charge. It is generally a good bargain at its price. 

Hyundai Kona EV

Next up is the Hyundai Kona EV. It is not as flashy or executive as the Model 3, but the Kona does stand up to itself. Being a crossover, it is easy to fall in love with this power factory. The Kona covers more distance on a fill charge with capable comfy seats, stylistic design, and a better-fitted interior. Kona has a definitive surprise to it, and you might sweep you off your feet. 

If that wasn’t enough to lure you in the price and an additional federal tax credit of $7500 will close the deal. The Kona has a starting price of $37,190 and a long-standing range of 258miles.  

Kia Niro 

This entry is the South Korean equivalent of Hyundai Kona. Albeit, the Niro comes a bit wider and more powerful than its cousin. The significant difference between the two entries is styling and a bit more range on the Niro. The Niro goes for $38,500 

Chevy Bolt 

The Bolt is one of the most loved vehicles from Checks product line. Despite being rather wrapped up in design, the Bolt is well capable of providing sufficient space on the interior. The Bolt also sees a more extended range coverage with additional features, including blind-spot detection and a rear placed reverse camera. The Bolt integrates Teslas’ infotainment system, which makes it shine above other models. The Chevy Bolt is $36,620, with a range of 259miles. 

While the EV market is on the rise, there is a little claim to which is the best electric vehicle available. Auto making companies have specific features in their products that provide an edge over their counterparts.