Electric cars set to cut down the cost of energy despite their drawing more power from the grid

It is estimated that by 2040 the number of electric cars on the road will have hit 550 million. The costs involved in charging and also the driving range of these vehicles is creating a huge concern for the Australian customers. However, the sale of these vehicles has increased with the number expected to rise. The charging issue is said to cause worry as it is estimated that the cost of a single charging station is equivalent to 100 homes.

Australian energy market commission is worried that there will be extra pressure on the grid, which might cause strains on other users. However, the commission has come up with suggestions on ways of improving this condition and instead lower the cost of energy used. They are for the idea of soaking up extra energy for the customers from sources such as solar. It also suggested they sell it back when it hit high prices back into the grid.

The commission also has the suggestion of using the batteries from these vehicles to store energy. When in demand, the owners could then put it back into the system for a certain form of incentive. This idea has had successful applications in places such as California. Behyad Jafari suggests that this idea will work as the vehicles are simple large batteries that can support the grid when it has a deficiency.

As per Jafari, there needs to be a plan that works like this one and hence support the use of electric cars in Australia. Jafari has been an instrumental campaigner for these units and believes that with the right plan, everything will flow well without any strains on the grid. Even though there is no clear support from the government, it is still for the issue promising support. The government would have made sufficient plans by the middle of this year that would ensure that everyone who chooses to use these vehicles would be supported.

The Australian government will come up with plans to ensure that the users of EV would not have problems. It is after giving sufficient energy to the EV without them being the reason for energy strains.  Such an effort is pushed by the fact that the global market is shifting to the production of these vehicles, leaving that of the internal combustion.

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