Union Minister declines importation of electric vehicles parts and proposes local manufacturing

As the days go by, Natural Resources such as petrol and diesel becoming insufficient. Therefore, Automobile manufacturers have decided to manufacture more numbers of electric vehicles, since they are the future locomotives. The reason as to why electric cars are so expensive is that the manufacturers must buy batteries and motors outside and then assemble them here.

The price of manufacturing single-vehicle increases as a result of taxes and its import duties, while addressing webinar  vehicle roadmap in India, Union Minister, Nitin Gadkari stated that the time is over for India to rely on China for electric vehicles parts. Instead, India now focuses on manufacturing its own motor parts. Also, Nitin Gadkari stated that the present costs of Chinese goods are just superb, making the Indian electric vehicles firms amass more figures for profits from the imported parts. However, the Indian government will charge high prices for the same products. He stressed that self-reliance in India would take them to high levels of success, which they have to embrace. 

In previous Auto News, a group of students called Eight from Vidyovardhaka College of Engineering (VVCE) made an electric car based on Tata Nano. The price of the electric vehicle is much way cheaper than the brand new Royal Enfield  Classic 350, which is Rs 1,55,000 ex-showroom. 

The Tata Nano electric car can go for a distance of 40km, having a lone person aboard. It has an operational price of Rs 1.15 for every kilometer, making it more affordable as compared to daily drivers. Although, when the car has like four people on board, the distance reduces to 35km on just a single full charge, and for every kilometer, the cost becomes roughly Rs 1.32. 

Having a lone person on board,  Nano can go for 40km, with four people on board, it goes for a speed that varies between 35km to 40km. To fully charge the battery from 0%, the vehicle takes approximately 6 hours and 36 minutes. Quick charging is currently unavailable as it is more expensive. 

Reasons behind the declination of importing Electric Vehicle parts from China

Well, it exhausts the whole wallet in just purchasing vehicle parts, more so electric vehicles from China. As a result, the buying price of cars in India is way higher. The Union Minister, Nitin Gadkari, saved India a lot of costs they could incur if they could still be importing Electric Vehicle parts from China. His decision to manufacture the parts locally will place India on another level of success.