5G Connectivity Comes at a Price

The race towards high-speed connectivity is finally at arms reach. Following the discovery of the 5g bands and connections, high-speed Internet applications will be made easily accessible to the general public. With this concern, the vertical Bridge is on the verge of becoming the first company to develop a 100% carbon neutral communication system. 

Vertical Bridge is a significant player and exists as one of the largest individually owned network providers in the United States. The company’s latest development places vertical Bridge as the first company to come up with a telecom tower 

In other news, a Florida based REU came out to declare itself as a certified carbon neutral company. Boca Raton recently joined the ranks to become one of the leading companies in the carbon-neutral sector. This arrangement is per the rules and regulations laid out by the Carbon Neutral Protocol

According to Bernard Borghei, the executive vice president and Co-founder of vertical Bridge, the milestone is the company’s most recent development in an Environmental, social, and governance project. Borghei also confirms that the achievements serve as a testament to the hard work that the company has put into research and development for the last five years. 

However, a more in-depth evaluation of the company practices shows that its carbon neutrality operations started in January this year. In February; the company ventured out to a partnership with Natural Capital Partners seeking to get the exact value of carbon emissions contributed by the company’s activities including miles traveled, flights boarded, and construction of towers as well 

Vertical Bridge is choosing to use environmentally friendly alternatives in running the daily activities around the organization. The company has also included energy-efficient processes to reduce dependency on environment degrading methods of production. However, these changes do not only include the main areas of operation. All Vertical Bridge employees are already working on reducing the company’s carbon footprint significantly 

Vertical Bridge also brought changes to their communications infrastructure as it swapped previously installed lighting appliances not capable of producing much light with a more improved power management system. The new system also allows for birds to perch on the broadcasters freely

Vertical Bridge currently operates a wide range of network boosters that are fixed o and rooftops, and towers, billboards, and some as utility attachments. Despite the efforts to curb carbon emissions, many expenses are necessary for the production