SSE signs a deal with Total to initiate the Seagreen renewables project

SSE Renewables is closing in an agreement with Total that could generate 1000MW of power. The contract entails the plans for Seagreen Offshore wind project, and Total’s ownership amounts to 51%. The initial entrepreneur hopes that the contractors pay up £70m with an extension stake capable of generating 360MW.

The project is due before 2023 with SSE Renewables doing the construction work of the Seagreen. This company will also initiate operations on the wind farm. The developer advises that the suitable for long-term fixed deals that generate revenue after along period. 

Jim Smith, the managing director of SSE Renewables, said that they anticipate fulfilling their part of the deal so that the Seagreen Offshore wind farm is a success. They expect to participate in the delivery of a clean, eco-friendly economy. By implementing this project, the two firms hope to recuperate the economy from the coronavirus pandemic impact. Furthermore, the project gears towards creating eco-friendly jobs and reduce greenhouse gas emissions to zero. 

Julien Pouget, who is Total’s senior vice president, is delighted to participate in the Seagreen project to advance the renewables industry in Scotland. Scotland is positive that Total’s involvement in the project is going to succeed because of their knowledge in the local energy industry. However, the contract awaits local authorities’ approval in the forthcoming month. 

At the moment, the EPCI contract is now under the tutelage of Subsea 7. This project involves the erection of 114 wind turbine foundations and over 300km of the consecutive inter-array cables. This EPCI project is about to alter the picturesque of the land where it will launch. 

This Seagreen deal is going to advocate for over 30 jobs within Seaway 7 that controls the EPCI contract. At the climax of action, there are going to be more than 45 jobs. The director of the Seagreen project, John Hill, is ready to commence the project and take in the expertise from Seaway 7.

The UK minister for energy Kwasi Kwarteng reiterates that Seagreen’s commencement will open up numerous employment opportunities. Furthermore, the project is going to light millions of homes, thereby reducing the carbon emissions to net-zero. 

Finally, the UK is channeling its financial resources into the offshore wind farms to increase the supply of electricity at a low and eco-friendly price. These farms will revolutionize the fight against global warming since they are to supply clean energy.