Dyson’s Founder Terminates Electric SUV Project Meant to rival Tesla

Sir James Dyson discards plans for mass production of an electric SUV scheduled in October after he termed it commercially impracticable. This decision terminates his company’s attempt to be part of Tesla’s rivals which includes startup companies like Rivian and Byton. Recently, Dyson revealed photos and videos of the prototype electric SUV the company’s engineers designed. 

Dyson told London Times that he used more than $600 million of his money on the electric SUV project. Forbes estimates Dyson’s net worth to be around $6.3 billion. In a blog post, Dyson wrote that his team developed a revolutionary car packed with technology, ready for production. 

Dyson’s engineers who developed the design of the electric vehicle built a simple platform for the SUV. The company planned to use the same platform in the production of other vehicle types.  The platform is indistinguishable to the one used by Tesla Model 3 sedan. 

Dyson wrote that the car lowers itself to become more aerodynamic to increase speed and raises to have more ground clearance. The SUV’s platform becomes adaptive to various driving situations. 

Dyson’s electric SUV offers a range of 600 miles with a 150-kilowatt-hour battery pack. In contrast, Tesla’s Model Y SUV has a maximum range of 300 miles. Dyson endorsed the SUV’s capable Electric Drive Unit that comprises of Dyson digital electric motor, single-speed transmission and a sophisticated power inverter.  He said that he looked for improvements just after the car’s first test drive. 

The SUV’s interior is fitted with three seat rows to give comfort to seven adults. The seats had a distinctive design with segmented cushions. Dyson wanted a more fashionable, yet structural seat for excellent posture support. 

However, the cost of mass production of the Dyson electric SUV outweighed profit the company anticipated to make from the motor vehicle. Dyson does not manufacture non-electric motors that can counterbalance expected losses in the production of the electric SUV. Going by this information, James Dyson decided to scrap the plans for mass production of the electric SUV. 

He further writes about the challenge of ending the electric SUV project. His team of engineers, scientists and designers gave their best to the project, making it an engineering milestone. Dyson does not regret ending the project because his company gained expertise from the automotive engineers in the project.

Even after the termination of the Dyson’s electric SUV project, the automotive industry still produces companies to rival Tesla’s Model Y. Among the most recent entrant rivals being General Motor’s Hummer electric vehicle SUV and Ford’s Mustang Mach-E.