Union Minister declines importation of electric vehicles parts and proposes local manufacturing

As the days go by, Natural Resources such as petrol and diesel becoming insufficient. Therefore, Automobile manufacturers have decided to manufacture more numbers of electric vehicles, since they are the future locomotives. The reason as to why electric cars are so expensive is that the manufacturers must buy batteries and motors outside and then assemble […]


Public Places Renewable Plants Relations Under Review

Australia is taking steps towards making the energy sector cleaner by moving towards renewable sources of energy. The country has invested a significant amount in establishing a renewables dependent energy sector. However, the current administration running these projects recently came under the spotlight after a survey on renewables revealed that locals around the plants were […]


Intelsat and SES purchase internet satellites from US satellite producers

Intelsat and SES are preparing to maximize internet connectivity by launching broadband communication satellites to space. The firms are collaborating with Boeing, Maxar, and Northrop Grumman to launch satellites in space to enhance the shift to 5G internet. This move is essential since the ten satellites will facilitate the expansion of C-band technology. These satellites […]


5G Connectivity Comes at a Price

The race towards high-speed connectivity is finally at arms reach. Following the discovery of the 5g bands and connections, high-speed Internet applications will be made easily accessible to the general public. With this concern, the vertical Bridge is on the verge of becoming the first company to develop a 100% carbon neutral communication system.  Vertical […]


SSE signs a deal with Total to initiate the Seagreen renewables project

SSE Renewables is closing in an agreement with Total that could generate 1000MW of power. The contract entails the plans for Seagreen Offshore wind project, and Total’s ownership amounts to 51%. The initial entrepreneur hopes that the contractors pay up £70m with an extension stake capable of generating 360MW. The project is due before 2023 […]


Dyson’s Founder Terminates Electric SUV Project Meant to rival Tesla

Sir James Dyson discards plans for mass production of an electric SUV scheduled in October after he termed it commercially impracticable. This decision terminates his company’s attempt to be part of Tesla’s rivals which includes startup companies like Rivian and Byton. Recently, Dyson revealed photos and videos of the prototype electric SUV the company’s engineers […]


Coronavirus threatens Kenya’s shift to renewable energy

A cooperative declaration was released by the World Bank, the International Energy Agency, the World Health Organization, and the IRE on 28 May.  Consequently, this is not so often the case, and their message for Kenya and East Africa is significant. The organizations also reported that Covid-19’s core message is that sustainable energy funding, for both […]


A new team has been launched in the global space station by Soyuz

On the 9TH of April, a Soyuz spacecraft fruitfully tossed a fresh team to the global Space Station on an operation that overwhelmed difficulties from the worldwide virus and an adjustment in team members The Soyuz spacecraft type 2.1A boosted off to the sky in Kazakhstan from a place dubbed as Baikonur; this, in turn, […]


Renewable energy, 5G, Al, and Cybersecurity are going to be the gainers in the EU COVID-19 recuperation plan.

The EU commission explains this act as the beginning of fulfilling the green circular economy and digitization. The commission reports that Europe needs these investments in artificial intelligence and clean energy to move to the future. The EU is a bloc looking forward to the erection of world-class buildings, infrastructure, and a united economy. The […]


Expert Astronauts Ready for SpaceX

Bob Behnken and Doug Hurley are looking forward to an exhilarating journey to space. The confirmation from the two is enough to indicate that the US is back in active space launching.  The veteran duo is ready for the SpaceX program. In a virtual meeting from their current residence, on the 27th of May, at […]