More Government Intervention Needed to Save Space Industry

Recent start-ups in the space industry will face strict requirements in joining the industry from now on. This outcome is due to the excessive number of players in the market that supply space-bound products. Due to this influx, the space industry is in danger of a crowding-out effect that will affect most recent start-ups  Government […]


Developing Countries Closing Renewables Gap

Renewable energy technology is slowly changing the world. The shift from fossil fuel seems to be the next big frontier in moving towards the future. However, looking at the last few years of renewable energy development, it is evident that developed countries have the lions share in this venture. This scenario, however, is not the […]


NASA Unhinged on Mars 2020 Launch

The Space exploration industry might be facing its darkest days ever. With the current state of affairs, the future of space exploration is not clear. Experts in space exploration annotate to the fact that the industry is at an all-time low due to reduced societal activities. According to Thomas Zurbuchen,  who is NASA’s Science Associate […]


The Best EVs to look into

Electric vehicles might be the latest in the entries of technological advancements. Among these are the most recent releases which prove that the future is going electric. This release is a list pertaining all the best electronic vehicle releases that show value for your money  Tesla Model 3 By now, its no surprise that the […]


International Renewable Energy Agency states that renewables contributed to 75% of energy in 2019

In an impressive recorded win in sustainability, modern green technology contributed to a massive 72 percent of all international technology growth in 2019. The renewable industry has committed 176 GW of worldwide power production to 2019, with new details published by the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) the previous week, but that is slightly smaller […]


The Glim Future for Renewable energy

Budget reduction responding to the various challenges resulting from COVID-19 that include low demand and reduced oil prices indicates that the gas and oil sector globally would probably disburse fewer resources on renewable energy henceforth. However, a report by Wood Mackenzie, a consultant, states that this may not affect the overall investment put into renewables […]


Bristol Energy experiences a pick in renewables as the storm surged in February

Renewable energy is the next frontier in the energy sector. Global environmentalists support the change from fossil fuel to renewable energy to minimize carbon emission that otherwise pollutes the environment and results in global warming. Additionally, renewable energy depends on the variables of wind and solar that can generate enough power to supply a country. […]